Plan a Memorable 8 Days Trip to Europe with Family

Europe is an amazing destination for family vacations. Whether it is a relaxing beach getaway in Greece or an adventurous exploration of the historical cities, with its diverse culture, stunning architecture and delicious cuisine, Europe offers something for everyone.

Europe holiday packages are designed to provide a stress-free experience, from carefully selecting hotels and restaurants to providing guided tours of Europe’s most popular attractions. The Europe tour packages available for families include visits to all these places and other amazing destinations such as the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. They also offer the chance to explore different cultures, participate in skiing activities and enjoy Europe’s delicious cuisine. A memorable 8-day trip to Europe with your family will be an experience you will never forget. Whether you choose a package tour or plan your itinerary, Europe is sure to be a magical place to visit.

8 Days Trip to Europe:

Day 1: Arrive in London and explore its well-known sites, such as the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. London is one of Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, full of culture and history so start with it.

Day 2: Take a flight from London to Paris and explore the iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. Enjoy a stroll around the streets of Montmartre or take a cruise on the Seine river for an unforgettable view of the city.

Day 3: Head over to Amsterdam for a day of sightseeing at popular attractions such as Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum.

Day 4: It is now time to explore the bustling cities of Germany. Start your journey from Berlin and head south and visit Munich. Visit Dresden for its majestic churches, green parks, and vibrant nightlife before crossing into East Germany’s enchanting Leipzig with its restored Schnauzengässchen alleyways full of cafes. 

Day 5: Spend the day in Vienna, Austria and take a boat ride along the Danube River or visit Schonbrunn Palace. 

Day 6: Take a flight from Vienna to Zurich, Switzerland and enjoy some of Europe’s most spectacular views. Explore the old town and hike up to the top of Uetliberg, or go on an excursion to nearby Lucerne.

Day 7: Fly to Rome and explore ancient ruins and iconic landmarks. Spend some time in Vatican City, the smallest European country, or take a trip to picturesque Tuscany.

Day 8: Take your flight back home from Rome with unforgettable memories of your Europe trip with family.

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