Bhutan Tour Packages

Nestled in the Great Himalayan Range, Bhutan is a magical place. A predominantly Buddhist nation, it has preserved its traditional culture and embraced modernity with open arms. Lush green mountains, mesmerising views and some of the finest Buddhist monasteries make this place a traveller's dream destination. At EZI Holidays, we have several Bhutan tour packages, specially designed to meet your requirements.

If you love nature, there is plenty to explore in your Bhutan tour. Seventy percent of its landscape is covered in greenery. And its lofty mountains have some of the highest peaks in the Himalayan range. Whether you like to trek, hike or just wish to enjoy nature at its best, pick our Bhutan holiday packages for a memorable trip.

Major Tourist Attractions

Bhutan is a land of surprises. Referred to as 'the last Shangri-La on Earth', it is considered one of the happiest regions in the world. EZI Holiday offers the best deals on Bhutan tour packages, offering outstanding service to every traveller.

There are some outstanding tourist attractions in Bhutan. You can visit Chele La pass at an altitude of 3,989 meters and experience the breathtaking views of the adjoining mountains and valleys. The Dochula Pass is another popular destination, built in the memory of soldiers. And if you want to explore some of the fascinating Buddhist architecture, trek up to Tiger's Nest or Taktsang Monastery or enjoy the beauty of Punakha Dzong, the second largest fortress in Bhutan.

Nature trails and wildlife

The country is soaked in greenery and offers awesome nature trails. Book our Bhutan holiday packages and hike through the majestic mountains. Experience the raw beauty of nature on your way and discover Bhutan's rich flora and fauna. You can also find exotic animals like tigers, leopards, water buffalos, one-horned rhinoceroses and elephants in their natural habitat. Look out for different varieties of orchids, junipers, pine trees and magnolias as you walk through the mountain slopes and valleys.

Perfect Honeymoon Destination

A pristine country like Bhutan is the perfect choice for your honeymoon. Try our Bhutan honeymoon package for an unforgettable experience. We offer accommodation in the best hotels and guided tours throughout the length of your trip. If you are adventurous, go hiking with your partner or take a walk along the beautiful mountains and valleys. EZI Holiday's Bhutan honeymoon package has customised itineraries, and you can rely on our team to make your holiday special.

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