7 Easy Steps to Plan a Perfect Vacation Trip

If you are planning a perfect vacation for your family and are confused about choosing the best travel agents in Bangalore, continue reading this blog.

To plan a perfect vacation, you should ideally start a couple of months in advance. This will help you to choose the right tour operator in case you are outsourcing your vacation planning to them and trusting them to book your hotels and flights. In case you are planning your own vacation, then it’s better to start even earlier as you will not get good deals in flight and hotel bookings if you book them at the last minute. You will have to arrange for travel insurance, visa for international flights, foreign exchange of the country you are visiting if you want to take an international trip. 

Seven easy steps to plan a vacation Trip

  • Decide where to go– Whether you want to select from a range of packages we have on our website, which include tour packages from Bangalore, tour packages from Chennai, or choose an International destination like Singapore, Thailand, or Dubai, you will have loads of fun in each of them.

    So check with your spouse and other family members, look at the budget and make your choice judiciously. Keep your work schedule in mind, and apply for leaves in advance to avoid any last minute disappointments. If you have the flexibility of working from any location, you can even think about a workcation. 
  • Things to keep in mind while packing for a vacation– Since there are restrictions for luggage weight in airlines, you need to use that judiciously. If you are visiting a beach, don’t forget to carry multiple bathing suits, sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and hats.

Always carry extra doses of medicines which you take regularly and a regular first-aid kit which will include medicines for influenza, fever, upset stomach etc. In other countries, the names of manufacturers might be different and you might have to run to pharmacies and hospitals to find what you are looking for.

  • Pick a time to travel– Before selecting the time for travel, check online about the weather conditions in that city. If it rains heavily during the time you are planning to go, you will end up spending most time inside the hotel room and your entire vacation will be spoiled.

    If you cannot tolerate extreme cold, hot or humidity, you need to check for those factors too and select the months which the travel guides suggest as the ideal ones to visit that place. If the ideal months clash with your children’s exams, or important work related commitments, then you might have to look for other destinations.

    Once you have frozen the dates, check the travel websites for the packages like 6 days 5 nights, 4 days 3 nights etc. according to+9 your preference and budget and start with a rough estimation of the budget you will need for the entire family. Do not forget to apply for leaves for yourself and ask your spouse to do the same. If children are travelling, then it should be within their vacation times. If you are selecting to travel in the off-peak season, you will get good discounts in the hotel prices and prices of all theme parks and other places of interest too might charge lesser entry fees. If you need to save money, that will be a good idea.

    The period between the peak and off-peak seasons is known as the “shoulder season,” and it is an excellent time to reap the rewards of both.

  • Decide the duration of your trip– Plan the total duration of your trip and if you are visiting multiple locations, break down the itinerary and plan it in advance. This will help you to book the hotels and flights properly and you will have enough time to explore each location. There is no point in including multiple destinations in one trip and not getting to see all the important places there, or getting to do things with other travellers.

  • Budget consciously for your trip– Call your credit card companies in advance to let them know that you will be using your cards in other foreign locations. Sometimes the artificial intelligence (AI) driven security systems installed in the bank applications block transactions if it suspects it to be fraudulent. You need to plan for the entire trip’s budget and keep a provision for any untoward incident, unforeseen delays etc. 

If you take vacations regularly, it will be a good idea to start with a separate kitty for travel. Save a couple of thousand in your travel kitty every month, and when you are ready to take that coveted vacation, you will have the money ready. Plan in advance so that you get great deals on hotel bookings and flight tickets.

  • Find a great place to stay– Finding a great place that does not drill a hole in your pocket sometimes seems impossible. However, you may check out options like Oyo rooms if you plan a vacation within India or AirBnB rooms for international travel. 

Often you will find clean rooms offered by locals who might even invite you for a meal with the family. You will get the flavour of local culture and cuisines. Hotels.com, i-escape.com, and hostelbookers. com are some options you can choose if you are vacationing on a budget.

  • Get travel insurance– It is a high possibility that your medical insurance does not cover you and your family when you are abroad. Make suitable arrangements before leaving home so that you don’t have to pay huge medical bills out of pocket in case there is any need for it. Also, ensure your forex, baggage, and it is always a good idea to consult a good travel agent like EZI holiday to check about the necessary insurance and documents you may need,

Visit a travel clinic before travelling to get your vaccines, a general antibiotic and anti-malaria dosage for yourself and everyone else travelling with you.

The first step to planning a vacation is to set up a document where you will keep all your travel information in one place, including the names of the hotels you will be staying in, flights or routes you will be taking etc. It can be a printed copy, but it is always good to have a digital copy as well. Share this document with your family or close friends back home. This way, they know where you are supposed to be every day and have extra contact information if they need to contact you for any reason.

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