Things to Know About an Exciting Educational Trip to NASA

Educational tour packages

Educational tours are the best way to inculcate practical experiences into the academic curriculum. It not only exposes students to the world outside their classroom, but also builds lasting bonds with teachers and peers. Field trips play a huge role in boosting confidence, enhancing leadership skills and improving critical thinking.

If you are planning an exciting educational trip, what can be better than a visit to NASA? Select NASA tour packages from India and enjoy a memorable trip. Educators from all over the country prefer these trips due to the immense exposure it offers to young students. At NASA, children can interact with astronauts, get an opportunity to visit space museums and participate in special workshops.

Visit Kennedy Space Center

Educational tour packages to NASA include a visit to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It allows children to understand different aspects of space exploration. An educational as well as an entertainment facility, here students can witness shuttle launches, participate in special behind-the-scenes activities and enjoy multi-sensory experiences.


Special exhibits that throw light on the history of space exploration are quite popular at Kennedy Space Center. The Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibition is by far, the most popular one. Students not only get knowledge about past successful space missions but also gain an opportunity to find out about future projects.


Different types of workshops are conducted for students. Depending on their age and grade, students can attend workshops and enjoy a fascinating range of experiences. Hand-on experience of STEM subjects is also provided at the facility. The Space Trek Robotics Workshop is also a fun learning program for students. The Space Trek Rocketry Workshop is carried out over a period of three to five days, and children are allowed to work in teams to build water rockets.

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